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The 2012 Human Tower competitors in Tarragona, Spain

You’ve most certainly considered photographs of the has the same opinion de Castells, the human tower competitors held within the area of Catalonia, Spain, however photographer David Oliete got a pretty distinctive perspective in 2012, capturing the complete event at what appears to be a virtually aerial place. as the throngs of castellers—lots of of guys, girls and even children—push forward in a claustrophobic mass to construct their best possible human towers, biological shapes paying homage to insects or even animal cells begin to kind. Oliete shares with me via e-mail in regards to the competition:

the most important Human Tower competition is referred to as “is of the same opinion de Castells” and it takes situation in the metropolis of Tarragona as soon as every two years. Its XXIV edition passed off all over the sixth and seventh October 2012 with the participation of 32 teams from all around Catalonia and a reside audience of more than 20,000 individuals. all through the competition, the higher and difficult to construct a tower is, the extra points a crew gets.
every human tower is frequently between six and ten ranges excessive. teams are manufactured from between 100 to 500 men and women. young and lightweight participants type the top of the tower whereas heavier individuals kind the base.

The “castells” have also been one of the vital cultural traditions in Catalonia for greater than 200 years. “power, steadiness, braveness and common experience” is their motto. In 2010, the castells have been declared through UNESCO to be amongst the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”.

you can find many extra pictures from Oliete’ shoot of the is of the same opinion de Castells 2012 over on Flickr, and that you can additionally catch up with him on facebook.

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Subterranean Museum | Via

What was once an enormous salt mine in turda, romania, has now been carefully renovated by the regional cluj county council into the world’s first salt mining history museum. the salina turda salt mines were excavated in the 17th century, proving a crucial source for salt that brought the romans much wealth. today, the durgau lakes at the mine’s surface – responsible for much of the salt deposits in the area – are popular tourist attractions that guarantee a steady flow of visitors all year around. a trip down the vertical shafts that once transported thousands of tons of salt will slowly reveal the immense scale of the excavated earth, made blatantly clear upon reaching the very bottom of the mine which is covered in a sand-like layer of salt.

Almost borrowing a certain aesthetic from the deep sea, the bottom of the mine features almost alien structures made of timber members and illuminated with suspended tube lights. the interior maintains a steady 11-12 degrees celsius and 80 percent humidity, completely devoid of any allergens and an almost absence of any bacteria, making the unique micro-climate a destination for those suffering from allergic respiratory diseases.

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